Illustration Artifacts, Mine & Lisa's

I have very few drawings saved from my childhood even though I used to draw almost every day. After dinner every evening, I sat at the end of the couch closest to the tv (so no one could see my paper) and drew non-stop through The Waltons and Little House On The Prairie. I illustrated the dramas, recorded the wardrobes and drew anything that passed through my head. Characters fought, cried, kissed and died (not in every episode, and not always in that order). And because I was eight or twelve or fourteen, I believed my every thought was clearly revealed on every page so I kept a small trash can by my side. Every piece of paper was scrunched and dumped. The only art that survives my childhood is the work I did to impress teachers and parents: the obligatory flowers, rainbows and dressed-up mice that proved I was a normal, well-adjusted, artistic kid. Nothing weird.
Except for these. The first is heavily influenced by the ladies of Star Trek. The second…I just liked to draw hair.

My friend and fellow illustrator, Lisa Adams, not only saved drawings from her adolescence, but has a drawing of my all-time-favorite subject, the Adult Cocktail Party.
To me, it’s an artful masterpiece as well as an important, anthropological artifact.
The time is the 60’s, the hosts are glamorous and the booze is abundant:

¬†And here is Lisa’s illustration of what the well-dressed mother is wearing (circa 1965). “Tuesday” is rockin’ it Laura Petrie style.

Thanks, Lisa!!