Back in NY

Hey! I just moved to Brooklyn, New York!

After a year (or so) of living full-time on the Outer Cape, I realized I needed to be closer to my professional peeps. I miss Wellfleet (and all my pals) wicked bad, but I’ll be back again soon to walk in the woods and run around on the beach.

So I’m back in New York, but this time I’m trying out a new borough so that Penny and I can live close to Prospect Park. So far it’s fantastic. Love the Sesame Street-style brownstones and all the lovely trees. The food shops are ridiculous (as in delicious, artisanal and grass-fed everything and crazy expensive), but I’m grateful to have so many choices, just steps away from my door.

Funny thing about living in New York is you get used to seeing quite a lot of crazy stuff pretty fast. A person might dress up as a furry cartoon character and play the xylophone for spare change in the subway, but if you don’t take a picture, you’ll forget all about it by the time you get home.

And I think I saw Tootsie:

Things I didn’t photograph: 1. Homeless man giving me the finger on the subway. 2. Large man with glassy eyes and a humongous belly standing and swaying (slowly and cartoonishly) into my (seated) space on subway. The swaying became more exaggerated, and the girl seated next to me and I jumped out of the way just as the man’s large belly smashed into out seats like a wrecking ball. 3. Subway poster with photo of Dr Zizmor hasn’t changed in twenty years.