Rally For The Cure, 2010

This is an old piece I came across recently. I don't know if it seems too rough, but I liked making it and it was for a very good cause (and I wanted to draw a fox). I used to walk my dog, Penny, on the Chequessett golf course when I lived in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. On one bright, October day I was walking past an overgrown,  wooded area and I had the feeling I was being watched. I looked over my shoulder and saw a pair of orange eyes staring back at me from the tall grass. The eyes belonged to a beautiful, half hidden mother fox and on a little hill behind her were two adorable baby foxes (kits), one sneaking up and pouncing on its twin. I draw a lot of sea creatures for the CYCC kids camp t-shirts, so I thought it was time to pay tribute to one of the woodland critters that shared the pine forest and as well as the beach.